User Manual


Components define behaviours that are attached to Entities. An Entity is a container for Components.

There are many different Components defined in the PlayCanvas Engine. You can add a Component to an Entity using the PlayCanvas Editor. The properties exposed by Components are listed in the Attribute Editor when you select an Entity.

Component Description
[Animation][1] Specifies the animation assets that can run on the model specified by the entity's model component.
[Audio Listener][2] Specifies the location of the listener for 3D audio playback.
[Camera][3] Renders the scene from the location of the entity.
[Collision][4] Assigns a collision volume to the entity.
[Light][5] Attach a dynamic light source to the Entity.
[Model][6] Renders a 3D model at the location of the entity.
[Particle System][7] Attach a particle system to the Entity.
[Rigid Body][8] Adds the entity to the scene's physical simulation.
[Script][9] Allows the entity to run JavaScript fragments to implement custom behavior.
[Sound][10] Plays audio assets.
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