User Manual


The Animation component enables an entity to specify which animations can be applied to the model assigned to its Model component.

The Animation component can be enabled or disabled using the toggle in the top right of the component panel. If enabled, the component will play the assigned animation.

Animation component


AssetsThe animation assets that can be utilized by this entity. Multiple animations can be assigned via the picker control.
SpeedA multiplier for animation playback speed. 0 will freeze animation playback, and 1 represents the normal playback speed of the asset.
ActivateIf checked, the component will start playing the animation on load.
LoopIf checked, the animation will continue to loop back to the start on completion. Otherwise, the animation will come to a stop on its final frame.

Scripting Interface

You can control an Animation component's properties using a script component. The Animation component's scripting interface is here.

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