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Getting Started

The User Manual is our complete guide to PlayCanvas. It will help you to use the many features of the platform including the Editor, Scripting system and Version Control.

We have a growing section of more tutorials and code samples to learn and use.

Tutorial Section
Keepy Up Tutorial Thumbnail Start making your first game with our Keepy Up tutorial series. It covers all the major features including Scene Setup, processing user Input and creating the User Interface.
Physics Tutorial Thumbnail Experiment with physics with Collisions, Triggers and Forces.
Input Tutorial Thumbnail Detect input from Keyboard, Mouse and Touch screens.
User Interface Tutorial Thumbnail Create wonderful menus and HUDs with the User Interface system.
Audio Tutorial Thumbnail Immerse the user with Positional Audio

For the complete PlayCanvas Engine reference, refer to our API Reference section.

Want to see how whole projects have been designed and built? The Explore Section lists our community's public projects which you can learn from.

Получить помощь

Our PlayCanvas Forum is the best place to ask for help, talk about your game, show off your latest project, seek out new team members or offer your assistance to others.

We have an active community of users and the PlayCanvas team is always on hand to help.

Feature Requests and Reporting Bugs

Want a new feature or seeing something that isn't behaving as it should? Add it to our Editor or Engine issue trackers and we will get to it as soon as we can.

This site is translated by the community. If you want to get involved visit this page