User Manual


The settings dashboard lets you set up Project and Application settings.

Project Settings

Name and Description

You can update the description of your project here. Currently it is not possible to change the name.

Project Image

Assign a square 720x720 image to go along with your project. This image is also used to represent any published games from this project. And it will appear on social sites like Twitter and Facebook if users share your game.

If you want your project to be featured on, you must add a project image.


Private projects are only visible to users who have been explicitly assigned read, write or admin access.

Only users with premium accounts can access private projects

Application Settings


Set the resolution of the any games published from this project. The final resolution is also dependent on the fill mode and resolution mode.

Fill Mode

Fill Mode decides how the canvas fills the browser window.

Resolution Mode

Resolution Mode decides whether the canvas resolution will change when it resized

Enable 3D Physics

By default, we don't include the Physics engine as part of published applications because it increases the download size. If you have included any physics components (rigidbody or collision) we automatically enable this option. But you may want to enable or disable manually.

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