User Manual

Keyboard Shortcuts

Camera Controls

The Editor's Camera is controlled with the Mouse and Keyboard

Orbit cameraLeft Mouse Button (LMB)
Pan cameraMiddle Mouse Button (MMB)
Look cameraRight Mouse Button (RMB)
Pan cameraShift + LMB
Zoom / Dolly cameraMouse Wheel
Move CameraW-A-S-D
Move Camera FastShift + W-A-S-D

General Mouse Controls

Select entityClick LMB
Translate / Rotate / Scale Entity according to gizmoClick and drag

General Modifier Keys

Toggle Editor's Snap setting while operating gizmoHold Shift while dragging the Entity
Do not preserve the Entity's transform when reparentingHold Ctrl when you reparent the Entity

Hot Keys

Note that on a Mac, CMD should be used instead of CTRL.

LaunchLaunch the scene in a new tabCTRL + ENTER
New EntityCreates a new entity as a child of the currently selected entityCTRL + E
Duplicate EntityDuplicates the selected entity and all childrenCTRL + D
RenameFocuses on name field of selected entities or an assetN or F2
Copy EntityCopy a single selected entityCTRL + C
Paste EntityPaste an entity under the currently selected entityCTRL + V
Copy AssetCopy selected asset or assets in assets panelCTRL + C
Paste EntityIn the assets panel, paste previously selected asset or assetsCTRL + V
DeleteDeletes the current selectionDELETE or CTRL + BACKSPACE
Frame SelectionFocus on the entity selectionF
TranslateChange gizmo mode to translate1
RotateChange gizmo mode to rotate2
ScaleChange gizmo mode to scale3
World / LocalSwitch between local and world space gizmoL
Toggle All PanelsHides or shows all the panelsSPACE
BakeRe-bake and recalculate lightsCTRL + B
Previous SelectionSelect previously selected itemsSHIFT + Z
UndoUndo the last action performed by the userCTRL + Z
RedoRedo the next action performed by the userCTRL + SHIFT + Z or CTRL + Y
How do I...?Bring search toolbar for mini-tutorialsCTRL + SPACE
Show ControlsDisplay the Editor controlsSHIFT + ?