User Manual

Intel XDK

The Intel XDK can wrap your PlayCanvas game as a native application which can then be sumitted to a number of monetization platforms, including Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Testing and Building with the XDK

Testing and building a native build of your game is a simple process. Let's walk through it step by step:

  1. The first thing you need to do is download your PlayCanvas game. Read the self-hosting guide to learn how to do this.
  2. Run the XDK.
  3. Sign in to your Intel XDK account (or create one).
    Sign In
  4. Select 'Import Existing HTML5 Project', choose the path to your downloaded PlayCanvas game's index.html and give your project a name.
    Import Project
  5. Check that you game runs correctly in the emulator, ideally against a number of different screen resolutions and orientations.Emulator
  6. You are now ready to generate your native app! Select the Build tab in the XDK and choose the platform you want to build for.Build
  7. Let's try to build using 'Crosswalk for Android'. We need to choose Crosswalk because the vanilla Android option uses the stock Android WebView which currently does not support WebGL.Build Crosswalk
  8. After hitting 'Build App Now', your game is uploaded to Intel's server where the build is executed. You can then download the generated APKs.Build Complete
  9. Once the APK ZIP has been downloaded, you should have an ARM and an X86 build.Downloaded Build
    It's now a simple matter to copy your APK to your device and test before submitting to Google Play.

To ensure the best experience for your users, be sure to publish both x86 and ARM APKs. It only take a few minutes, following the directions [here][3].

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