Crash Course - Make a Game

Phase 3 of this tutorial is still incomplete


In this tutorial, we will give an introduction to PlayCanvas and take you through making a complete game, end to end with PlayCanvas.

This was recorded for JS GameDev Summit and the video is hosted on GitNation.

Play below! Try to get as many food items as you can before the timer runs out! Use WASD for movement.


Time Description
0:00:00 Introduction
0:04:44 About PlayCanvas
0:12:52 Let's build something!
0:14:50 Phase 1 - Project Setup
0:15:08 Creating and Managing Assets
0:28:53 Creating and Using Templates
0:43:53 Testing in the Launch Tab
0:46:04 Phase 2 - Interactivity
0:47:24 Using Physics collision and rigidbody
1:01:05 Creating and using Scripts
1:18:11 Creating Animation State Graphs
1:30:12 Attaching, Detaching, and Firing Events
1:45:10 Debugging code
1:47:56 Phase 3 - Polishing & Publishing (incomplete)
2:00:57 Wrap Up